Request for Recordings

If you are planning to attend a GNU event, please make a recording. It is polite to ask permission from the event organiser. If you wish to make the recording publicly available in a digital format, please choose one which is accessible to free software. Theora or Vorbis are the best choice as using one of these will add support to Free, open, unencumbered formats. Please choose the license we use for the speech recordings and remember to embed the license into the digital file so that anyone else who receives a copy of the file are aware of their freedoms.

If you have a good recording from a GNU event, and you would like to share it with us, please send an email to <>. The best recordings will be added to this page. We are interested in both audio and video recordings. We can accept the source in a wide range of formats (eg those supported by ffmpeg). We will transcode to a standardised codec for the site, and optimise the encoder settings.

When submitting recordings, please provide the following information:

We prefer to receive speech recordings as a single file rather than split into sections, but if the original is in many parts, we can join it if required. If the original file for the recording is compressed with a lossy compression format such as mpeg, divx or a proprietary format, please don't transcode the speech recording before sending it to us. Given that we transcode any file we receive to different bit rates and frame sizes, and insert copying information, inserting yet another transcoding stage will simply degrade quality.

Audio formats

We prefer original recordings in the original recorded sample rate up to 44100Hz. Monophonic is generally adequate for speech recordings and saves a lot of space over stereo. We will accept the recording in the original file type. If the original file is large, you may wish to transcode to 64Kbps mono ogg vorbis.

Video formats

The same is true for video as for audio. Send the recording in the original frame size. If already compressed with a lossy codec, please send the original. If your original is uncompressed or has a very low compression/ large file size, please compress using theora with video quality set to 5 or more.


If you have a transcription of a speech by a GNU speaker, or would like to make a transcription, please contact <>.