How to access recordings

Streaming Audio and Video

By streaming, you can enjoy a recording without first waiting for the file to download.

Most of the ogg files have been encoded in a stream of 20Kbit. Most Internet users, including those with older modems, should be able to listen to the files streaming from our server.

You can 'stream' by either (1) playing the file while it is downloading (recommended) or (2) putting the file URL directly into your media player.

For example:


wget -q // file.ogg


ogg123 //

Resuming Downloads

Files on this page are served via http through the Apache web server. Apache supports the range header. Clients can therefore resume transfers by specifying where, in a stream, the download must resume.

wget with the -c switch will continue a transfer if a smaller file of the same name exists in the download location.

For example:

wget -c //<filename>

Peer-to-Peer access

Many of the speeches are available via peer-to-peer sharing services such as Gnutella. SHA1 hashes are available for all the current audio files, to assist finding them on P2P networks and verifying once downloaded.

Command to create SHA1 hash using GNU privacy guard:

gpg --print-md sha1 some_file.ogg